María Cristina Cuervo

María Cristina Cuervo

Photo of Professor CuervoAssociate Professor, Licenciada en Letras, PhD (Massachussets Institute of Technology)
Northrop Frye Hall #319, 416-813-4051, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

María Cristina Cuervo did her BA in Linguistics at the University of Buenos Aires and took studies in generative grammar at the Universidad Nacional del Comahue, Argentina. She received her PhD in Linguistics from MIT. Her research interests include syntax and morphology at the level of argument/event structure and their relation with semantics (with particular focus on dative arguments, applicatives, objects, clitics and the construction of verbal meanings), and the acquisition of morphosyntax in Spanish as a first and second language.

Specialty Courses

Graduate seminars: Spanish Syntax
Morphosyntax of Spanish
Advanced syntax (Dept. of Linguistics)
Undergraduate: Advanced Spanish Grammar
Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics
Syntactic Patterns (Dept. of Linguistics)

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Upcoming Dates

13 Mar 2015 2pm VC211

Talk by Prof. Shea

25 Mar 2015 4-6pm VC304

Movie Night

26 Mar 2015 5pm

Talk by Prof. Vialette

1 May 2015 10am NF119

Talk by Prof. Carrasco