Current Graduate Courses

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Updated on June 15, 2023. Courses and schedules are subject to change.

Spanish will offer a regular load of graduate courses for 2023-24. All graduate courses will be delivered in-person at the St. George Campus, unless Toronto Public Health and University of Toronto direct otherwise.

Timetable 2023–24

Fall 2023 (September to December)

Code Course Title Instructor Day/Time Room
SPA1082 Sociolinguistics of Spanish L. Colantoni M 1-3 NF119
SPA2947 Transparency and Politics in Contemporary Mexican Literature  S. Antebi T 1-3 NF205
SPA1096 From Reflective Planning to Delivery in Language Teaching  J. Sanchez-Naranjo T 3-5 NF006
SPA2186 House, Home and Dwelling in Latin America C. Sa Carvalho R 1-3 NF009


Winter 2024 (January to April)

Code Course Title Instructor Day/Time Room
MST3604 Medieval Culinary Cultures Y. Iglesias M 11-1 LI310
SPA1080 Descriptive Grammar of Spanish A. T. Perez-Leroux M 3-6 NF006
SPA1093 Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics  M. C. Cuervo T 3-6 EM108
SPA2406 Latin American Narratives of Resistance V. Rivas W 1-3 NF008
SPA2152 Cervantes’ Don Quixote S. Munjic W 3-5 NF009
SPA1081 Structure of Spanish M. C. Cuervo R 1-3 NF119