Scholarships & Awards

Updated on March 23, 2022.

University of Toronto Financial Support

If you are concerned about the adequacy of your financial resources, you are welcome to discuss your situation with a financial aid counselor. Financial counselling is available through your Faculty, College, Division or Enrolment Services. Counsellors can help you navigate the array of government and University of Toronto programs, scholarships and bursaries available to you. They can also help with budget planning and debt management. Here is a directory of contacts so you can make an appointment with a counsellor to figure out your finances.

On the Awards website you will find useful information to help you plan how to finance your university education. You will also find information about Canadian and U.S. government student financial assistance programs.


Departmental Scholarships

We are proud to offer scholarships exclusive to students in our programs to support and recognize their academic development.

More detailed description of the following scholarships - including elegibility criteria, application deadlines and estimated values - can be found in the Award Explorer website. Search under "Spanish", "Portuguese" or "Latin American Studies" according to your program.

CIRV FM Scholarship in Portuguese

Kurt Levy Family Latin American Studies Travel Grant
To subsidize travel and accommodation costs for recipients who intend to complete a program of study in a Latin American country during the academic year.
Deadline to submit applications: April 8, 2022. PDF iconLevy Family Travel Application 2022.pdf

Alessandri Scholarship
Awarded to a student who has completed LAS200Y1 or LAS200H1 + LAS201H1.

Department of Spanish and Portuguese Prize in Portuguese
Awarded to a full or part-time student enrolled in a Specialist or Major program in Portuguese.

Doris May Barker Scholarship
Awarded to a student on academic exchange in a Spanish-speaking country during Winter or Summer session.
Deadline to submit applications: April 8, 2022. PDF iconBarker Application 2022.pdf

Gaspar Otalora Memorial Prize in Spanish
Awarded to a student who has completed SPA423Y1 or SPA420H1.

Gordon Patterson Prize
Awarded to a student who has completed SPA100Y1.

Hermann Fischer and Enid Levy Prize
Awarded to a student who is enrolled in a program offered by the Department on Spanish and Portuguese.

Milton A. Buchanan Scholarship in Spanish and Portuguese
Awarded to a second year student spending one or two terms at a university in Spain, Portugal or Latin America.
Deadline to submit applications: April 8, 2022. PDF iconBuchanan Application 2022.pdf

Peter Bell Prize
Awarded to a student who has completed SPA220Y1.

Portuguese-Canadian Cultural Alliance Prize
Awarded to a student who has completed PRT100Y1.

Spanish Prizes
Awarded to students who have completed: SPA220Y1, SPA320Y1, SPA420H1.

Summer Course Prizes in Spanish and Portuguese
Awarded to students who have completed: a 100-level course in Spanish; a 200/300/400-level course in Spanish; and a course in Portuguese.

William Robert Phillips Memorial Scholarship
Awarded to one or more students enrolled in a Specialist or Major program in Spanish.


Other Awards

The following awards are not yet listed in Award Explorer. For more information, please read below.

Latin American Studies Undergraduate Engagement Award.
Due to the current travel restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Undergraduate Research Award for 2021 was reimagined as an Undergraduate Engagement Award. For 2021, this award supported peer to peer engagement through the organization of remote events on issues related to Latin America or its diasporas in Canada.
For more information on the recipients and their proposals, please visit the awards announcement news article in our website.

Latin American Studies Undergraduate Research Award
Not being offered for 2022
This award, for student projects in Latin America, aims to recognize primary research and experience as the foundation for understanding Latin American regions and Canada's place in the hemisphere. This award is designed especially for undergraduates, with preference for those in their third year of study. It aims to support exceptionally qualified and committed undergraduate students who want to engage in bold, innovate projects in the region.

Pedro da Silva Portuguese Award
Sponsored by Caixa Geral de Depósitos. Awarded to the student with the highest final mark, currently enrolled in a PRT 100-level language course. The recipient of the award receives $ 750.


Other International Options

Youth Mobility Program

If you’re a Canadian citizen aged 18 to 35, International Experience Canada (IEC) offers you the opportunity to work and travel abroad. IEC provides you a path to a work permit or visa to work and explore in one of over 30 countries and territories - including Chile, Costa Rica, Portugal and Spain.

By taking part in IEC you:

  • gain valuable international work experience and take your career to the next level
  • develop life-long connections and help strengthen Canada’s place in the global work force
  • experience the world while you work to discover your strengths and find your inspiration