Placement Test

Updated on May 29, 2023.

We are pleased to offer Spanish language courses both in-person and online synchronous delivery (with in-person evaluations) during the 2022-23 academic term.

We have prepared the following guidelines to help you decide in which Spanish course to enroll for the first time. Please be aware that if your instructor or teaching assistant considers that you would be better placed in another course, you will be moved into a more suitable level.

1. If you do not have any prior knowledge of Spanish or no more than 1 year of Spanish studies in high school, enroll in SPA100Y1 - Spanish for Beginners

2. If you learned Spanish at home with your family or caregivers but received no formal schooling or education in the language, enroll in SPA219Y1 - Academic Spanish

3. If you have completed Spanish as a Second Language courses in elementary or high school, follow the instructions for placement test below.

4. If you have lived in a Spanish-speaking country for more than 6 months, follow the instructions for placement test below.

5. If you have received formal education in Spanish or attended a school where the primary language of instruction was Spanish, contact the Associate Chair of Undergraduate Studies for assessment.

We will not offer SPA120Y1 - Accelerated Spanish through Community Engaged Learning for 2023-24.


Instructions for placement test

Updated on May 29, 2023.

Our Spanish placement test is currently closed. We will open placement tests for student evaluation towards Fall / Winter courses in mid- to late June. Please check back on this website for information.