Undergraduate Summer Courses

For our current Summer course offerings, please visit the 2021 Summer Session Timetable

Learning Abroad

We encourage students to consider completing part of their course work abroad. There are a wide variety of courses available in all parts of the world.

For example, in conjunction with Woodsworth College, the department makes two summer courses available in Seville, Spain (SPA100Y and SPA255Y). With the city of Seville serving as the classroom, this program offers courses designed to introduce students to Hispanic culture and the Spanish language.

For students interested in developing their Portuguese skills, we have developed a partnership with Woodsworth College and the University of Lisbon to make three language courses available in Lisbon, Portugal (PRT100Y, PRT220Y and PRT320Y). Visit one of the safest and most vibrant cities in Europe while you enjoy a unique opportunity the language, culture and history of Portugal.

Visit the Summer Abroad website for a full list of course offerings. 
Students in the Latin American Studies program also have the option of engaging in Summer research opportunities in countries like Mexico or Chile. For more details, please visit the Learning Abroad website.