Cognate Courses

Updated on October 20, 2023.

These are the courses offered by other academic programs that are pre-approved for credit in the Major or Specialist program in Portuguese. Students are responsible for any pre-requisites established by other academic units for enrolment in these courses.

Course Code Course Name
SPA* Any course in the Spanish program
LAS* Any course in the Latin American Studies program
GGR341H1 The Changing Geography of Latin America
HIS291H1 Latin America: The Colonial Period
HIS292H1 Latin America: The National Period
HIS390H1 Slavery in Latin America
HIS390H5 Revolutions and Nations in Latin America
HIS446H1 Gender and Slavery in the Atlantic World
JLN327H1 Culture and Modernity in the Hispanic Caribbean
JLN427H1 Advanced Topics: The Hispanic Caribbean
JLP315H1 Language Acquisition
LIN101H1 Introduction to Linguistics: Sound Structure
LIN102H1 Introduction to Linguistics: Sentence Structure and Meaning
POL360H1 Topics in Latin American Politics
POL442H1 Topics in Latin American Politics
MUS305H1 Latin American and Caribbean Music
AFR322H1 The Contemporary African Novel (formerly NEW322H1)