Student Community & Support

The undergraduate student body at the University of Toronto is a vibrant, welcoming community.  Student organizations build connections between University of Toronto's community members from many backgrounds and experiences.

Student Organizations

Here are some student groups that have collaborated with our Department to engage in campus conversations, cultural celebrations, advocacy opportunities and more through organizing events happening on and near campus.

We invite you to reach out directly to them and discover new ways to get involved, make friends, and learn more about the Hispanic and Lusophone worlds, and the cultural diversity in Latin America.

The University of Toronto Portuguese Association was founded in 1984 with the goal of encouraging student participation in the Luso-Canadian experience. Education has always been principal concern at UTPA, and members are encouraged to volunteer through our Outreach program which tries to help students plan their future goals in life.

Since 1996 the UTPA publishes ORIGENS: University of Toronto Portuguese Association magazine. This magazine has been created to showcase the creative abilities available within the Portuguese community. It is written by university students, professors and those interested in the Portuguese culture.

View the UTPA's website in ULife.

The Spanish Student Organization (SSO) represents all individuals interested in learning, improving and practicing the Spanish language. Our vision is to foster a united bond and supportive relationship amongst all Spanish speaking and learning enthusiasts by organizing academic and social events that promote additional learning and community-building outside of the conventional classroom setting. We welcome anyone who is passionate about the Spanish language, music and culture to join the SSO.

View the SSO's website.

OLAS is an organization that serves as a medium for cultural and social exchange. Our purpose is to embrace the richness of Latin American traditions by hosting various social and cultural events. OLAS welcomes individuals of all ethnic backgrounds.

OLAS is involved in various community and cultural projects including: Project Student Aid (high-school tutoring), Latin Dance Lessons (learn salsa, merengue, bachata and tango), OLAS Lit Club, Movie Nights (the new, the old, the classics), Cultural Waves, Charlas (Spanish Conversation Sessions), and Recreational Soccer.

View the OLAS website.

BRASA is a non-profit organization that is made up of a network of Brazilian students who are living outside their country of origin in search of new dreams and challenges. Currently, BRASA is present in 72 universities around the world. We aim to be a platform for training leaders, entrepreneurs and change-drivers in the public, private and social sectors. We also have the dream of empowering the next generation of leaders for a better Brazil. At the center of our values are proactivity, excellence, and commitment to Brazil.

We believe that the Brazilian spirit extends far beyond soccer, samba, carnaval, sunny beaches, and natural beauty. Therefore, we also have the mission of sharing our culture in a broader and more encompassing way. In a multicultural university such as ours, we believe that a club representing Brazilian culture is essential. Anyone interested in knowing more about this amazing country and its people's ways of life is welcome to join us.

Visit the BRASA site in ULife.

Ecuadorian Student Association at the University of Toronto is non-profit, non-partisan, and does not advocate or promote the interest of any one political party, group or individual. We aim to be an independent cultural, academic, and social organization that seeks to unify and promote activities relating to the Ecuadorian community at the University of Toronto.

Our mission is to unite the Ecuadorian community and promote our culture at the University of Toronto. We recognize that the Ecuadorian community has been continuously growing, during the last few years. As such, we believe it’s necessary to create a space of integration, communication, friendship and sharing of experiences and knowledge.

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Other Student Initiatives

el CafeciTO

The Latin American Studies program proudly supports a podcast - starting its third season in September 2020 - run by our undergraduate students about Latin America, their own research and interests, and a few tidbits about our program. The podcast alternates between a student panel and the recording of an audiobook in Spanish or Portuguese.

Find el CafeciTO wherever you find podcasts. Visit SoundCloud, Apple Podcasts, Spotify to begin listening today!


Kawsaxkuna is an interdisciplinary forum for trilingual knowledge on Latin America. We publish essays, articles, and welcome annual journal submissions.

Kawsaxkuna is a Quechua word that translates to seres vivientes, or living things. The journal of this name seeks to explore a range of social, political, economic, and cultural topics related to Latin America, enabling undergraduate and graduate students across Canada and abroad to showcase their ideas and research in an inclusive and accessible platform. The journal is interdisciplinary and submissions will be accepted from a range of mediums and perspectives.

Kawsaxkuna publishes annual editions of the University of Toronto Journal of Latin American Studies. Academic submissions are welcome to be reviewed by our panel of editors and faculty advisors.

To read previous issues of Kawsaxkuna, please visit our site on ISSU.