Auditing Courses

Auditing Courses
in the Department of Spanish & Portuguese


During the academic year 2022-23, only a limited number of currently enrolled students, faculty and staff (in short, those with an active UTorID) may audit a course offered by the Spanish, Portuguese or Latin American Studies programs - with permission of the course instructor and within enrolment capacity.

We will NOT allow auditing of the following language courses:

SPA 100 Y1 - Spanish for Beginners
SPA 120 Y1 - Accelerated Spanish through Community Engaged Learning
SPA 219 Y1 - Academic Spanish
SPA 220 Y1 - Intermediate Spanish
SPA 320 Y1 - Advanced Spanish

For questions about auditing other courses in our undergraduate programs, please email the Associate Chair of Undergraduate Studies at:

For questions about auditing courses in our graduate programs, please email the Associate Chair of Graduate Studies at: