Updated on May 3, 2023.

The Spanish program is part of the Language Citation option for students in Arts & Science.

The Language Citation recognizes advanced level in the study of a language with good results. In the Department of Spanish & Portuguese, the Citation is intended for students who wish to have their coursework recognized because they have attained advanced knowledge of the language, but do not have sufficient credits to obtain a Major or Minor degree. Therefore, students who are enrolled in a Specialist, Major or Minor in Spanish are not eligible for a Spanish Citation.

To be considered for a Spanish Citation, a student must complete two full credits or their equivalent beyond the first-level of language instruction and must achieve at least a B- in each of the courses beyond the introductory 100-level. The two full-course equivalents may be:

  • Language instruction (SPA219Y1, SPA220Y1, SPA320Y1, SPA420H1) or
  • Other SPA courses 200-level or higher, taught in Arts & Science, where Spanish is the main language of instruction.

Please note:

  • Courses with lectures taught in English – SPA254H1 or SPA275H1, for instance – are not included for consideration in the Spanish Citation.
  • Courses taught at UTM or UTSC are not included for consideration.
  • Courses taken in Summer Abroad programs will be subject to verification of the language of instruction, and are not guaranteed to be approved.

The Citation will not be assessed retroactively for students who have completed their degree and graduated.

The Language Citation is not a “program of study” or Subject POSt and will not satisfy the degree requirement that specifies the minimum programs of study to qualify for the degree.

How do I request a Spanish Citation?

Enrolment is not necessary for a citation.

Once a student has successfully completed the 2.0 credits – that is, the student has received final marks for all courses – please email our Associate Chair of Undergraduate Studies ( your request along the following information:

  • Student name (as found in official university documents);
  • Student number;
  • Spanish courses to be considered;
  • Session the student completed the language citation, e.g., Winter 2023 term.

Our department reviews the student’s academic record for the citation and assesses completion of its requirements. If the student meets the conditions, the department applies for the citation on behalf of the student to the Office of the Faculty Registrar. Finally, the Records Assessors at the OFR update the student record with the completion of the Spanish Citation.

Depending on workload, the process takes approximately 7 business days to complete.