In addition to a full range of courses in language, Portuguese studies at the University of Toronto are concerned with the major trends and issues of Luso-Brazilian literature and culture and serve the programs in Latin American Studies, European Studies and African Studies.

Please visit the Portuguese Academic Calendar for the latest information on:

  • Specialist, Major and Minor program requirements
  • PRT language sequence
  • PRT course descriptions
  • PRT language citation

For courses currently offered, please visit the full Arts & Science Fall & Winter Session Timetable


Placement Test

If you are enrolling for the first time at the University of Toronto in a Portuguese course and you have any previous knowledge (i.e., you have learnt Portuguese in school or have been exposed to Portuguese at home) you must take the online placement test. Self-placement is not permitted in our program and will result in being dropped from the class. If you have not studied Portuguese previously, you do not need to take the placement test. 

Please enroll in PRT100Y if you have not studied Portuguese previously.

If you have not studied Portuguese previously, but are a native or proficient speaker of Spanish (completed succesfully SPA320Y1, for example), we welcome you to enroll in PRT120H1 - Portuguese for Spanish Speakers. We are glad to offer this course in Winter 2013.

Instructions for taking the Portuguese Placement Test for registered students with a Valid UTOR ID Account:

  1. Navigate to the Portuguese Language Placement Test on Quercus
  2. Click on "Enroll in Course"
  3. Go to "Go to Course"
  4. Click on "Student Background Information"
  5. Complete and submit the quiz