Cognate Courses

Updated on May 2, 2023.

These are the courses offered by other academic programs that are pre-approved for credit in the Major or Specialist program in Spanish. Students are responsible for any pre-requisites established by other academic units for enrolment in these courses.

Course Code Course Name
PRT* Any course in the Portuguese program
LAS* Any course in the Latin American Studies program
FAH326H1 Cultural History of Islamic Spain
GGR341H1 The Changing Geography of Latin America
HIS291H1 Latin America: The Colonial Period
HIS291Y1 Latin America: The Colonial Period (discontinued in Fall 2018)
HIS292H1 Latin America: The National Period
HIS292Y1 Latin America: The National Period (discontinued in Fall 2018)
HIS301H1 Imperial Spain (discontinued in Fall 2020)
HIS336H1 Medieval Spain (discontinued in Fall 2023)
HIS390H1 Slavery in Latin America
HIS390Y1 Latin American Revolutions (discontinued in Fall 2018)
HIS397H1 Political Violence and Human Rights in Latin America
JLN327H1 Culture and Modernity in the Hispanic Caribbean
JLN427H1 Advanced Topics: The Hispanic Caribbean
JLP315H1 Language Acquisition
LIN100Y1 Introduction to General Linguistics (discontinued)
LIN101H1 Introduction to Linguistics: Sound Structure
LIN102H1 Introduction to Linguistics: Sentence Structure and Meaning
LIN228H1 Phonetics
LIN232H1 Syntactic Patterns in Language
LIN229H1 Phonological Patterns in Language
MUS305H1 Latin American and Caribbean Music
NMC376H1 History of Islamic Spain and North Africa (640-1492)
POL305Y1 Politics and Society in Latin America (discontinued in Fall 2021)
POL305H1 Introduction to Latin American Politics and Societies
POL325H1 Contemporary Latin American Politics
POL360H1 Topics in Latin American Politics
POL442H1 Topics in Latin American Politics