Courses for Requirements

Updated on September 11, 2023.

The courses that are currently offered and fulfill the requirements for the Major or Specialist in Spanish can be divided into three categories: Hispanic Linguistics, Spanish Peninsular Literature, and Spanish American Literature. Their course offerings can be found below.


Hispanic Linguistics 

Course Code Course Name
SPA322H1 Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics
SPA324H1 Spanish Bilingualism
SPA326H1 Latin American Varieties of Spanish Through the Media
SPA368H1 Spanish and the Empire: Migration in Language and Literature
SPA421H1 The Structure of Spanish
SPA422H1 Sociolinguistics of Spanish
SPA423H1 Spanish Phonology


Spanish Peninsular Literature

Course Code Course Name
SPA327H1 Catalan
SPA341H1 Modernist Movements in Spain
SPA344H1 The Spanish Sensorium
SPA345H1 Spanish Cinema
SPA348H1 Galdos and the Realist Novel
SPA350H1 Medieval Spain Portrayed Through Visual Arts
SPA352H1 Court and Country in Early Modern Spain
SPA368H1 Spanish and the Empire: Migration in Language and Literature
SPA425H1 History of the Spanish Language
SPA435H1 Fictions of Contemporary Spain
SPA439H1 Topics in Spanish Studies
SPA450H1 Society in Medieval Iberia (discontinued starting Fall 2022)
SPA456H1 Transatlantic Hispanic Baroque: Crisis and Disenchantment


Spanish American Literature

Course Code Course Name
SPA375H1 21st. Century Latin American Cinema (changed to SPA275H1 starting Fall 2022)
SPA377H1 Central American Literature: Narratives of War
SPA378H1 Central America Postwar Narrative
SPA381H1 Nation, Identity and Modernity in Spanish-America
SPA382H1 Spanish American Women in Art, Film, and Literature
SPA383H1 Disability and Embodiment in Spanish American Cultures
SPA384H1 Avant-Garde Movements in Spanish America
SPA385H1 Literature and Social Change in Spanish America
SPA386H1 Literary Landscapes of the Mexican Revolution
SPA387H1 Latin American Performative Expression
SPA389H1 Central American Literature: Narratives of War
SPA467H1 Topics in Spanish-American Literature and Culture
SPA475H1 21st. Century Latin American Culture
SPA480H1 Icons and Iconography in Latin American Culture
SPA482H1 20th. Century Spanish American Narrative
SPA486H1 Contemporary Caribbean Literatures and Identities
SPA488H1 Central American Postwar Narrative (changed to SPA378H1 starting Fall 2023)