When Theory Informs our Praxis: Teaching Language Through the Acquisition Lens

When and Where

Friday, February 03, 2023 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm
VC 115
Victoria College
91 Charles St. West, first floor


Ewelina Moskal


We are pleased to welcome Ewelina Moskal for a visit to our department and are looking forward to her presentation on pedagogy of Spanish.

About the Presentation:
The subjunctive in the L2 Spanish classroom tends to cause problems in most intermediate level classes. Although the subjunctive may be explicitly taught, research shows that students at the intermediate and advanced levels continue to struggle producing this grammatical mood (Collentine 1998, Collentine & Collentine 2015, Gudmestad 2006, Isabelli 2007, Isabelli & Nishida 2005, Montrul & Perpiñán 2011). This research proposes a change to the current curriculum, recommending a pedagogy that is based on language acquisition theory, that is inclusive, and that provides students with the necessary scaffolding to correctly interpret and build this complex grammatical mood.

About the Presenter:
Ewelina Moskal received her PhD in Hispanic Studies from The University of Western Ontario in 2013. Upon completion of her dissertation that focused on the Overt Pronoun Constraint in Spanish and Polish heritage speakers, she started a tenure track position at SUNY Brockport, where she received tenure in 2020. Professor Moskal has published works on code-mixed DPs in heritage Spanish, the Overt Pronoun Constraint, community service learning in Canada, and intercultural competence in the L2 classroom. Currently, she is researching L2 acquisition of the Spanish subjunctive and looking for ways to make the subjunctive more accessible and the language classroom more inclusive.


Please note: This presentation will be hosted in-person only.


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91 Charles St. West, first floor