Global Language Initiative prepares students for a pluricultural world

June 7, 2022 by Cynthia Macdonald

In a globalized world in which we interact with cultures distinct from our own on a daily basis, the skill of plurilinguism is an incredible way to expand your horizons.

We are proud to share with our community about the University of Toronto’s Global Language Initiative (GLI), of which our Department is member. Spearheaded by  Department of Germanic Languages & Literatures, the group includes fifteen departments from the Faculty of Arts & Science that encourage the connection across cultures and languages and the development of universal citizens.

The success of the group’s first major event held virtually in January 2022 can be attributed to the tireless efforts of the GLI organizing committee, to which the Department’s very own Juan Carlos Rocha Osornio belongs. At the two-day symposium, attendees discussed the how intercultural learning fosters tolerance and understanding, the benefits of plurilingualism in the job market, and shared ideas about effective instruction in an online environment. The symposium is scheduled to repeat again in 2023 following a series of events taking place in Fall 2022 (dates TBA).

For questions about how you can get involved in GLI through the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, please contact professor Juan Carlos Rocha Osornio for more information.

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